Broughton Bridge, Salford

Broughton Bridge, Salford

A&R Printing - Broughton Bridge, Salford

A&R Painting Services undertook the external decoration of Broughton Bridge in Salford. The works included preparing and painting the underside of the bridge, piers and bracings. Prior to commencing on site A&R worked with the client and scaffolder to ensure the bridge was fully accessible from all areas. The best way was to gain full access was to fully encapsulate the bridge. Once the bridge was set up A&R where free to start the preparation. The preparation included of power washing the underside of the bridge to remove all contaminants where practicable. The next step of the preparation was to shot blast 25% surface area to SA 2 ½ standard, while the remaining 75% will be mechanically prepared using rotary wire brushes. Once all mechanical preparation was complete the nest step of the process was to start painting.

Painting (All steelwork except piers and bracings)

  • 1.Apply one coat of Epigrip M902 Winterfast Hi-Build Aluminium primer (DFT 100 microns).
  • 2.Apply one coat of Epigrip M905 Winterfast Hi-Build Undercoat (DFT 100 microns) Colour to match finish.
  • 3.Apply one coat of Resistex C137V2 Special finish (DFT 50 microns) BS 12D45

Painting (Piers and Bracing)

  • 1.Apply one coat of Epigrip M922M Glass Flake Epoxy Mastic (DFT 400 microns)
  • 2.Apply one coat of Resistex C137V2 Special finish (DFT 50 microns)


Once the painting works where completed the scaffolding was dropped and dismantled. A&R went back to site and touched up all necessary areas which required attention. On final inspection A&R walked around with the client and agreed that all works had been completed to specification and within the timescale.