Manchester Victoria Station, Manchester

Manchester Victoria Station, Manchester

A&R Printing - Manchester Victoria Station, Manchester

A&R Painting Services have successfully completed the painting works to 2no. listed canopies at Manchester Victoria Railway Station, the works were completed to Network Rail M24 system.

The specification for the 1906 Canopy (completed on site):
To power tool bare and exposed steel to ISO 8501 ST3 followed by:
- Sigmacover 400AL 125 microns
- Sigmafast 205LT 100 microns
- Sigmadur 540 50 microns

The 1906 canopy was completed on nights (as Manchester Victoria is a very busy station). PPG (the paint manufacturer) regularly sent a paint inspector to site and he completed a Technical Visit Report, these reports were also passed onto our client. Again Network Rail also inspected the works.

Canopy 1960

The 1960 was completed in our workshops, inspection reports were completed. Network Rail also visited our workshops to inspection each process of the M24 Paint System.
Every day A & R`s Supervisor completed a daily inspection report, this included, the weather conditions, what works were undertaken
and all materials used (including batch numbers).

The specification for the 1960 Canopy:
All works completed in A & R`s own workshops
All steelwork shot blasted to SA 2 ½ using G17 chilled iron grit followed by:
- Sigma EP110 primer 50 microns
- Sigma EP112 MIO 125 microns
- Sigmacover 456 HS 100 microns
- Sigmadur 540 (isocyanicate free) 50 microns